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Hire women and underrepresented creators to tell authentic stories globally.

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A Talent-Discovery Service

Connecting all industry professionals to a curated database of underrepresented creators.

Intelligent Discovery

Get personalized recommendations and search results powered by machine learning.

Secure Dashboard

Gain insights into your hiring practices in real time.

Your team’s secure dashboard visualizes the data behind your hiring practices, so you can see your progress over time. We share our insights with you at key decision-making points for your team, so you can see how individual choices become patterns.

Shareable Playlists of Talent

Turn your search results into playlists and share them internally or with the whole world.

Save eye-opening work from underrepresented creators, so inspiration is always just a click away.


Learn how HP went from 0% of their films directed by women to 59%.

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We look forward to reaching new heights together as Free The Work.

A holistic approach to hiring underrepresented talent.

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    Discover work opportunities across creative industries.

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    Connect with industry leaders who stand up to systemic inequality.

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    Work to build a better future for emerging filmmakers.

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    Discover a curated selection of diverse creators.

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    Connect with audiences by producing authentic content that speaks to them.

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