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FREE THE WORK Non-Profit Commitment

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Free The Bid Throwback

Our Origin Story: Free The Bid

We started with women

directors in advertising...

In 2016, director Alma Har’el founded Free The Bid as a response to her own experience of the ad industry's hiring inequalities. The Free The Bid pledge prompted brands and their agencies to include at least one woman among the three directors bidding for every commercial job. These commitments led to measurable increases in the number of women creators considered and hired for major ads.

Now that our approach to fighting systemic bias has begun to see success in the advertising industry, we're setting our sights on more expansive horizons. More industries. More forms of storytelling. More creators from more underrepresented backgrounds. More data. More minds blown. Most of all, better work. Welcome to Free The Bid 2.0.—FREE THE WORK.

20 Countries
30k Monthly Users
1,230 Curated Filmmakers
…and Counting

FREE THE WORK is a global community led by women and underrepresented creators everywhere.

England Embassador

Sara Dunlop

USA Ambassador

Alma Har'el

France Ambassador

Fleur Fortuné

Germany Ambassador

Elisha Smith-Leverock

Sweden Ambassador

Åsa Riton

Brazil Ambassador

Mariana Youssef

Mexico Ambassador

Faride Schroeder

Argentina/Uruguay Ambassador

Camila Zapiola

South Africa Ambassador

Dani Hynes & Zandile Tisani

United Arab Emirates Ambassador

Amirah Tajdin

India Ambassador

Seda Akanksha

Australia Ambassador

Jasmin Tarasin

Founding Partners



Marc Prichard

"P&G has proudly supported Free The Bid from the start; now, we're beyond thrilled for FREE THE WORK. Count us in – creativity loves diversity!"



Fiona Carter

"Equality is good for business, and the advertising business is about to get better! FREE THE WORK will drive equality through the advertising industry by helping create more opportunities on both sides of the camera! We’re excited to help start the momentum!"



Jen Salke

"FREE THE WORK furthers Amazon Studios commitment to discovering underrepresented voices, championing creative opportunities and improving the lack of inclusivity within our industry."



Antonio Lucio

"Facebook is proud to support this game-changing talent discovery service, helping to expand into international markets with talent that reflects the multicultural tapestry of today's world."




Diego Scotti

"Opportunities for diverse storytellers to share their perspectives will only benefit our industry. That’s why Verizon is proud to partner with FREE THE WORK, ensuring women and underrepresented creatives are heard."


Working filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds explain how our platform

opens up opportunities.


Danielle Boyd

“Free The Bid is not just a mission, it’s become a contagious movement powered by fearless, selfless females who refuse to accept anything less than what they deserve: equal opportunity."


Rayka Zehtabchi

"It's an absolute honor to be included in this community with my filmmaking sisters...If we want more diversity and inclusion in our society, we must prioritize and promote diversity in media. Period. End of Sentence."


Ali Alvarez

"Free The Bid got me my first job in the US! A producer found me through the site."


Amirah Tajdin

"Discovering this platform opened up every fold of my heart when I saw just how much visual magic is out there, a perspective like no other, a far cry from the cookie cutter male gaze we’ve been conditioned into consuming as visual culture. To know and find one’s tribe is always comforting. I’m beyond excited and humbled to have found mine."


Aqsa Altaf

"I appreciate Free The Work's mission in promoting filmmakers from multiple genders, races and sexual orientations. It makes me really hopeful to think we, as a community, will create a world that the future generations will thank us for."


Bola Ogun

"Free The Bid isn't just a place to make it easier for companies to find female filmmakers, it's a place that surrounds you with incredibly talented women who are a wealth of knowledge, resources, and inspiration."


Catherine Losing

"Being included on the Free The Bid has also been a great resource to push diversity on my own crew."


Molly Schiot

"Free The Bid is the most important step that has been made in my career as a director."


Diane Paragas

"I just completed a job with Chiat Day and Nissan. They found me totally through Free The Bid!"


Divina Kuan

“Free The Bid“ comes to Germany just at the right time. It not only serves as an enabler for women directors, but also as an indispensable tool for industry professionals, brands and agencies."


Drew Denny

"As a queer-identified female director, I know in my bones what it means that only 4% of feature film directing jobs go to women...Free The Work!"


Elizabeth Lippman

"I got a call today for a Disney project from someone who found me on Free The Bid, so yay!!"


Femke Huurdeman

"Last month, I got the chance to be in a bid for a Coca Cola US commercial with Wieden+Kennedy. Luckily enough, the odds were in my favor and I won the bid. Without Free The Bid it would have possibly taken me much longer to reach to that point in my career."


Haley Geffen

"I love it. Just reading about it gave me the chills. It's exciting. It’s necessary."


Lena Tsodykovskaya

"It's been almost a year since you welcomed me into the family and thanks to you I received multiple pitching offers and even signed a representation in France."


Lisa Rubisch

"No one can look at those reels and say that female directors do not exist, don’t have the experience or decent work. It’s time.”


Mollie Mills

"Free The Bid’s mission of inclusion and awareness of female and non-binary directors is the an essential part in changing the culture of film."


Sabrina Skau

"Free The Work’s mission of inclusion and awareness of female and non-binary directors is the an essential part in changing the culture of film...It’s incredibly inspiring to see an organization like Free the Bid making changes industry-wide."


Sonejuhi Sinha

"Our stories are important and need to be seen. Free The Work is an incredible catalyst in getting our stories made and then seen by the world."


Christine Yuan

"Thanks to Free the Bid, I just finished directing a big campaign for Google/YouTube in NYC last month. The agency found me on Free the Bid and that's how I was awarded the job."


Jeana Theron

"Today I got the news that I can pitch on a J&B spot thanks to you guys and your efforts."


Kristine Tsui

"Free the Bid’s mission matters because I believe that as long as we narrowly dictate who the storytellers are, a much larger message remains: some stories are worth being told and some aren't."


Lusanda Mgoduka

"Free The Bid is honestly the most incredible movement I’ve seen in our industry since I became part of it...See US, hear US, we ARE here."


Marcella Serrano

"In less than 24 hours of my profile being posted, I received an email from an executive producer at Disney and filmmakers in Minneapolis for a feature documentary."


Yael Staav

"If one woman’s career is helped as a result of this initiative, then it is a powerful step in the right direction and a place for us to begin deeper, meaningful conversations about inequality in advertising overall.”