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Filmmaker Alma Har’el founded Free The Bid in response to her experiences as a woman director. In this podcast, you can hear the story of how Free The Bid made a measurable difference for women directors in the advertising industry, and learn about the nonprofit’s evolution into FREE THE WORK, a data-driven and more inclusive force for change.

This interview was brought to you by A Female Lens, a podcast spotlighting women in film dedicated to excellence. A Female Lens is created and co-hosted by Jennifer Zahlit + Larkin Bell.

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Free The Bid disrupted the ad industry. Now, FREE THE WORK invites all creative industries to evolve.

What We Offer

As a nonprofit organization, FREE THE WORK’s database is free to use. To access additional resources, tracking tools, and a greater degree of personalization, tiered membership options are available.

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Who We Are


Founder, Film Director

Alma Har'el

Executive Director

Emma Reeves

Communications & Content Manager

Chloe Coover

Research & Database

Isabella Kestermann

Production Coordinator

Gustavo Astudillo

Database Admin

Mya Dodson

Legal Counsel, CyberlawStudio Group P.C.

Julia Cheng

Our Digital Agency, Heat Waves

Heat Waves Founder, Technology

Melissa Bennett

Heat Waves Founder, Creative

Maura Cottle

Heat Waves Founder, Strategy

Melissa Gore

Heat Waves, Client Partner

Karen Andres

Advocates and Allies

See Her

The Unstereotype Alliance

The Sundance Institute




Database Admin

Tyler Hicks

Database Admin

Danielle Boyd

Free The Bid Website Designer

Joe Vaccarino

Database Admin

Liz Romero

Editorial Support

Sheba Anyanwu

A holistic approach to hiring underrepresented talent.

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